Rich dad, Poor dad… the two emotions to be controlled 

Fear and Desire…

A road travelled everyday? 

No matter how many professionals I talk to, all of them seemed to be more happy when they were earning less in the yester years of their career. 

We all thought at that point that having a 1 lac salary would be a dream come true. And it happened to most of us, but suddenly that sum wasn’t enough. Moreover, now we also have the fear of losing what we have… 

A cyclical trap, which when I look at people 15-20 years older than me still being stuck in. 

Would I also be the same? And would you? 

A scary question to ask as it will suddenly make us realize our place on the face of this earth… Are we all meant to earn a living, support a family and perish? 

Well, if I get any answers in this book then will surely write back… till then… keep looking my friends… 


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