Its not the shoe but the…

By Middleclass and Married

Found these lying around in one of the many streets I came across in life. 

Got me thinking, how lifeless they looked, and just a few days back they would have been up and running, going places, finishing errands and also having sime good time, so what went missing? 

To my mind its the feet, the force, the desire or the intent to do more which just vanished.  

This often happens to us in life, we run behind something and with one failure we thrown away from the dream. Has happened to us for sure, our dear Middleclass and Married was doing great, from appreciation to even bagging rights to go on TV from NDTV, everything was going good, but then I started to run behind money… right/wrong? You be the judge… as I have surely realised that money doesnt make you happy it just makes you an average soul… 

So in the end, its not the shoes but the feet… 


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