Can’t resist free food #randomrants 

Don’t know why,but one of the biggest mind blocks of life has been, the difficukty to say no to free food… 

Earlier, I agree, I could not afford the food that was being offered to me at a office party or some big conference. But now I can, still I just can’t say no… 

And everytime I gobble up more free food, I end up feeling guilty. What can I do?  (Having gained 25 kgs in 2 years and crossing 100 kg mark)

The reason, I am putting this out there is because, we all have these kinds of addiction/habits… that we know aren’t good but we still keep doing them… 

So henceforth, whenever I say no to free food, I am going to put it up here and even you can… maybe together,we can… 

P.S. The picture is of a small wada pav vendoron Surat-Bardoli road called, “Ganpat kaka na Gota” (details on that later). 


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