#1memoryaday Club Membership – 12th Feb,2017

In a city like Mumbai, one of the biggest problems we encounter is, “There is no Life”. Most of the times our 2 cr flat societies barely have any enough space, owing to the ever growing car population, to even let our children play a small game of Kho Kho let alone cricket, footfall etc.

We were faced with a similar problem post having Omi in our life. And everyday I used to wonder how will we give her the opportunity to become the next Gita-Babita of India.

Then one day, the 14-January, 2017, my aunt’s husband took me to the Goregaon Sports Club, and Uttarayan festival/ International Kit Flying Festival was being celebrated there. I could barely believe that close to 2000 families where celebrating this festival and having a time of their life, that too in a city like, Mumbai (no offense).

And there lay the answer to our worries, the platform to do more, Goregaon Sports Club, with this in my mind, we gifted our Omi baby the gift of opportunity, a club membership on her 3 month birthday the 12th of February, 2017.




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